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Blog – What’s true aeroponics? June 12, 2009

Posted by aeroponicsman in Aeroponics, Biopesticides.

I have been asked about what is the definition of ‘ True Aeroponics’?  If we look at the general definition of aeroponics – it is the process and method of growing plants in air without soil.  So true aeroponics is the method of growing plants entirely in air.  In this manner the air grown plant has complete uninterrupted access to 100% of the oxygen and CO2 in the air 24/7. Of course, until such a time that a short burst of nutrient enriched hydro-atomized water is sprayed onto the stem and roots of the suspended plant.   

The micro-environment of a true aeroponic system all depends on a repeatable apparatus. How is this accomplished?  In the early days of the internet I posted an animation that shows how it’s done.  It is now found on Wikipedia, I still think it fairly well demonstrates the principal of true aeroponics.  My first aeroponic device – connected to a hose and operated by standard tap water pressure.  It was patented in 1983,  the aeorponic plants are sprayed intermediately and the effluent is drained away.  The true aeroponic method is still in practice today by AgriHouse.

Click on the drawing to begin air-rooting a virtual vegetative cutting.

True Aeroponics in action

True Aeroponics in action - click to activate