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Water soluble minerals for Aeroponics June 30, 2009

Posted by aeroponicsman in Aeroponics, Biopesticides.
Aeroponic Companion Plantings

Aeroponic Companion Plantings

When it comes to nutrients and fertilizers to use in an aeroponic system more doesn’t mean better.  Basically it’s all about providing a balanced diet of minerals that sustains growth during the entire growing cycle. 

Aeroponic nutrients are made of water soluble macro nutrients (N-P-K) and micro nutrient (trace minerals).  The combination of these will vary from plant species to species.  AgriHouse offers specific water soluble concentrated nutrient formulas for tomato, lettuce, pepper  & herbs &  vegetable and strawberries – even a universal formula.  All formulas are boosted with BEYOND Plant Amendmentto enhance nutrient uptake.  When used properly the aeroponic will use less of them and grow healthier fresher crops.

The specific formulas are added to the reservoir and monitored with a TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) meter.  The aeroponic user measures the minerals in parts per million (PPM) and adds the mineral concentrate as needed as they are consumed by the plants.  

Whether cloning or growing plants to maturity a balanced aeroponic nutrient solution must have the proper pH level adjusted for successful results.  AgriHouse’s Aeroponic Reference Manual and Encyclopedia CD-ROMs cover these details and other issues faced with determining deficiencies found from the lack of minerals and an improper pH level.