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Blog – Growing Aeroponic Potatoes June 11, 2009

Posted by aeroponicsman in Aeroponics.
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Aeroponic mini tubers

I’m growing with the GS-V Aeroponic System – Dual Pak for rapid production of potato mini tubers. 
The system’s  reservoir contains 7 gallons of water, 1 oz of  Universal Nutrient Formula and 1 oz of BEYOND All Natural Plant Amendment.  These are AgriHouse’s technologies for growing plants in air (without soil or media).
Instead of using potato vegetative cuttings, I decided to start with second generation mini tubers.  These daughter mini tubers where harvested from last year’s test plot at the University of Colorado .  They were held in cold storage until I planted them in the aeroponic system.  I am able to produce third generation mini tubers within weeks and there’s plenty of room for expansion.
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