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AgriHouse is a leading edge agri-biotechnology company offering advanced high performance food production systems for earth and space. AgriHouse was found in 1992 by Richard Stoner and Dr. Ken Knutson, plant pathologist, Colorado State University.  AgriHouse’s technologies have been thoroughly tested and proven effective by USDA, NASA, NSF, US Forest Service leading universities, agricultural extension services, worldwide corporations, farmers and growers worldwide.
The company has a broad portfolio of IP and patents to deliver cost effective technologies to increase food production, conserve water and natural resources, reduce the reliance on toxic pesticides, and allow plants to regulate their own environmental needs through intelligent bio-feed back systems.
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1. Matthew Gray - May 9, 2011

While I’ve been growing with a standard E&F hydroponic system, I’d like to experiment with aeroponics. I have, however, run into some difficulty determining what a successful timing cycle would be. I’ve seen solid-state NFT-1 and -2 timers which provide an interval of 1 minute on and 4 off as well as a 3/5 but have been unable to find any solid information on why the cycle is different and what the benefits/drawbacks of each timing are. Any help you could offer would be MUCH appreciated!

2. Dr Fayyaz - March 5, 2012

We are interested in purchasing aeroponic system for mini potatotuber with capacity of green house 15mx5m.we are serious in this project pl guide us to proceed.
Dr Fayyaz

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