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AgriHouse June 24, 2009

Posted by aeroponicsman in Aeroponics, Biopesticides.


1. Trichoblaster - June 18, 2012

Hi, I really enjoy aeroponics as a hobby. I have used your bio-control nozzles in my homebrew kits with accumulator, solenoids, etc. and also use air atomizing nozzle systems. My main goal is to have the roots grow lots of root hairs as a sign of perfect environment, but from what I can tell your systems appear to oversaturate and not have as much control as I would want. I am curious if you are able to consistently grow roothairs with your systems or if it’s a priority to you? I am only going by the design specs I can read about, but perhaps there is alot more to your systems than i can deduce from the info. Look forward to your response- Thanks!

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