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Blog – What’s true aeroponics? June 12, 2009

Posted by aeroponicsman in Aeroponics, Biopesticides.

I have been asked about what is the definition of ‘ True Aeroponics’?  If we look at the general definition of aeroponics – it is the process and method of growing plants in air without soil.  So true aeroponics is the method of growing plants entirely in air.  In this manner the air grown plant has complete uninterrupted access to 100% of the oxygen and CO2 in the air 24/7. Of course, until such a time that a short burst of nutrient enriched hydro-atomized water is sprayed onto the stem and roots of the suspended plant.   

The micro-environment of a true aeroponic system all depends on a repeatable apparatus. How is this accomplished?  In the early days of the internet I posted an animation that shows how it’s done.  It is now found on Wikipedia, I still think it fairly well demonstrates the principal of true aeroponics.  My first aeroponic device – connected to a hose and operated by standard tap water pressure.  It was patented in 1983,  the aeorponic plants are sprayed intermediately and the effluent is drained away.  The true aeroponic method is still in practice today by AgriHouse.

Click on the drawing to begin air-rooting a virtual vegetative cutting.

True Aeroponics in action

True Aeroponics in action - click to activate



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aeroponicsman - January 28, 2010

Aeroponics is the process of growing plants in 100% oxygen without soil. This artificial
planting growing system uses less water, nutrients and electricity of any type of system
available on the market today. These advanced aeroponic systems can used in a climate
controlled room or a greenhouse.

Developed on under NASA SBIR grants these aeroponic systems will grow any plant
species for seed (germination). A wide range of plants can also be grown from vegetative
cuttings (propagation) as well. This advance aeroponic system offers the grower an
enclosed plant and harvest system for year around crop production including succulents,
softwood and hardwoods.

The following partial list plants of that can be grown in the Genesis Series V Aeroponic

Partial Listing
Seeds Germination Time Plant cuttings Propagation Time
Type Days Type Days
Lettuce 1 African Violets 21
Tomato 3 Tomato 5
Herbs 1 Bean 7
Corn 2 Banana 21
Peppers 5 Blue Berry 25
Beans 2 Carnation 8
Cucumbers 3 Coleus 5
Broccoli 2 Cypress 30
Wheat 1 Fuchsia 6
Cauliflower 2 Geranium 7
Zucchini 2 Orchid 21
Spinach 21 Mahogany 21
Rice 8 Olive 16
Squash 2 Figs 21
Peach 8 Roses 10
Pear 30 Philodendron 14
Pepper 10 Rubber Tree 25
Potato 7
Strawberry 21
Yam 10

Contact Info
Tel 970 532-3554

2. Mahsa Mohammadi - October 14, 2010

hello,please send me many documents about an aeroponic culture of Dianthus caryopyhllus.thanks a lot.

3. Rhonda Iacuzzo - January 27, 2011

Dear Mr. Stoner,
My name is Rhonda Iacuzzo and am interested in aeroponics since reading about it last June, 2010. Since then I created a website, http://aeroponicgardenseeds.com and would love to sell some of your products from my site. I want to start with a small indoor wall system to grow vegetables for a family of four. I am a Registered Nurse working at Poudre Valley Hospital and many of my friends and co-workers are very interested in buying such a system. I have spoken to Mr. Cresey and he has been polite but unwilling to work with me on my project. Please notify me at 970-267-0839 or by e-mail at rockwellgardensllc@gmail.com Your help and expertise will be so welcome. Thank you for your consideration.
Rhonda Iacuzzo

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