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Blog – Robust Aeroponic Technology June 12, 2009

Posted by aeroponicsman in Aeroponics, Biopesticides.
Commercial GS-V Aeroponic System

Commercial GS-V Aeroponic System

Using the NASA R&D grants to develop high performance food production systems for earth and space I expanded upon the true aeroponic techniques.  First a little more history, in the mid-1980’s I developed a concept known as WaterCycle to replace the tap water pressure true aeroponic system.  While the tap water driven aeroponic method conserved a heck of a lot of energy, because no pump was required, it consumed a tremendous amount of water.   A pressurized water delivery system was devised using high-pressure pumps. 

The real key to a closed-looped aeroponics is a method that reduces the number of pumping cycles by implementing well defined long-term tightly controlled spray intervals /durations.  I received an aeroponic pine tree research grant from Weyerhaeuser Company to further define the spray interval/duration relationship (1990).  

After the NASA sponsored biocontrol experiments Aeroponic Corn courtsey Dr. Neil Reese South Dakota State U. about the space shuttle and Mir space I received NASA funding to R&D the next generation true aeroponic system (1998).  The system is known today as CLAS Technology (closed-looped aeroponic system) and marketed by AgriHouse as the Genesis Series V (five) Aeroponic System.  It’s a true aeroponic system robust enough to grow corn from seed to maturity (2004).



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